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from Yahoo’s blog on Tumblr:
Yahoo has video – lots of it – and we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy our News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle programming. That’s why we caption so much of our video: 100% of the video we produce is accessible to deaf and hard-of hearing people and we caption thousands of our partners’ videos every month. If you know about the captioning requirements for online video under the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, well we exceed those one-hundred-fold!
Yahoo News video with Starbucks CEO saying in a caption, “And what we don’t need is division and vitriol.”

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Yahoo News video with Katie Couric interviewing Lin-Manuel Miranda of “Hamilton” saying in a caption, “You see that the history of sequels on Broadway…”

Here’s more about what we do to make our video accessible:
Yahoo Original Programming
Yahoo develops and distributes original “made for the Internet” content for our News, Sports, Finance and Lifestyle sites. You can expect all of Yahoo’s own original on-demand content to be closed captioned, including popular programs like News with Katie Couric, videos on Yahoo Financetech reports from David Pogue, Superfan TV, Superfan MoviesEsports, and much more. Real-time captioning of our live programs has begun too, starting with games and matches from the MLB, NHL and PGA (see more about this below).

Yahoo Finance video with caption reading, “And you say it’s not the headline numbers that everyone…”

Yahoo Esports video with caption reading, “But I do want to know, what do you think of the heroic four?”

Yahoo Video Partners
Above and beyond Yahoo’s own original content, Yahoo is providing captioning for videos from our partners AP, CNBC, Reuters, Financial Times, Investor’s Business Daily,, Golf Digest, GQ, Glamour, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, BuzzFeed, Vanity Fair, and many more. One of the more popular captioned series on Yahoo is Saturday Night Live, seen onYahoo TV, with entire shows, popular clips and famous catchphrases going all the way back to the beginning of SNL more than 40 years ago.
SNL video on Yahoo TV with caption reading, “WILLIE: But what about all the outdoor concerts, Michael?”

AP Video on Yahoo News with caption reading, “The pilot ejected safely, and is with medical personnel…”

Yahoo is also the first and only video distributor to provide captions on videos from the NY Times— some of the most highly requested videos by our users. And, since closed captions can be seen in movie theaters across the country, Yahoo is also proud to be the first and only web site in the United States that provides captioned movie trailers from the major Hollywood studios.
New York Times video on Yahoo News with caption reading, “This is like the world’s most insane roller coaster.”
‘X-Men: Apocalypse” movie trailer on Yahoo Movies with caption reading, “I’m here now.”

Live Streamed Events
Yahoo is also a leader in streaming live news and sports programs on the Internet and is now providing live sports captioning. Starting with the first-ever free, global online NFL game in the fall of 2015, Yahoo’s live sporting events include PGA Tour golf tournaments, National Hockey League games and free games-of-the-day from Major League Baseball – all available on Yahoo Sports.
Baseball game on Yahoo Sports with caption reading, “Nobody out in the second inning…”

Extraordinary Quality and Availability
Not only is Yahoo making more diverse content available with captions, we are committed to extraordinary caption quality and availability. We strive for 100% accuracy and timing for all of Yahoo’s on-demand video, with final editing by highly trained humans, not machines.

Mobile, desktop, over-the-top
Yahoo’s captioned videos can be viewed on a wide variety of popular devices including PC and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and on set-top boxes including TiVO, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and many Internet-connected TVs.
iPhone screen showing video of Daisy Ridley on the Tonight Show with caption reading, “I still can’t believe I’m here!”

Buttons and Settings (desktop)
On our desktop player, if the video has captions, you can click on the (CC) icon in the lower right corner of the video to turn on captions (if the video isn’t captioned, the CC icon won’t appear or will be greyed out).
Caption icon showing captions available
Caption icon showing captions not available
You also have access to caption settings so you can pick where on the screen you want your captions to appear (top or bottom), and the size, color, font and style of the text and background. To get started, click on the gear in the lower right corner, near the CC icon.
Then click on the link to Closed Caption Settings to adjust position and size (and language choices if available).
Finally, click on Style Options to access the color, font and other options.

Caption settings for iOS and Android
On your mobile device, smartphone or tablet, all the caption controls and settings are in your Settings menu.
For iOS, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Subtitles & Captioning to turn captions on or off and to pick your favorite styles. Apple has more on closed caption settings here.
For Android, go to Settings>Accessibility>Captions where you will be able to set captions on or off and to choose your preferred style. Google has more on closed caption settings here.

Caption settings for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, TiVo and more
Yahoo has a video app on many set-top boxes, and there are different ways to turn on captions and set your caption styles. Here are instructions for each:

We Want To Hear From You
Feedback from users inspired us to become the first company to provide captions on videos from the NY Times and to be the first to provide captions on Hollywood movie trailers. We value your feedback and want to hear from you.
Let us know what captioned shows and videos you’re enjoying on Yahoo, and if we slip, when captions aren’t available for your favorite video or don’t live up to our own high standards. There are several ways to reach us:
> Write to us at
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