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HLAA has partnered with the creators of,  an online resource designed to help hearing healthcare consumers make informed decisions about their choice of providers and hearing enhancement devices as well as non-technical solutions to hearing loss management.


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“Consumers derive the greatest benefit and satisfaction from hearing aids when they receive comprehensive clinical services. Despite this, and despite the audiology profession’s efforts to promote a set of best-practices, a large percentage of hearing aid providers still fail to provide essential services, like hearing aid verification through real-ear measurement. The real-world impact of this shortcoming is undeniable. Consumer Reports estimates that as many as two-thirds of hearing aids in the US are misfit.
To help increase compliance with the best-practice guidelines, Hearing Tracker is working to identify and highlight providers that embrace best-practices. We believe this will introduce a level of transparency that will slowly improve the overall standard of care in our industry, and help bring about a much needed change in hearing aid success.”