Living Well with Hearing Loss: A Long Time Coming – A Musical Announcement from Stu Nunnery




Stu Nunnery is a writer, composer, singer, musician, recording artist, actor and activist from Rhode Island. 
He has a special kinship and interest in musicians and singers with hearing loss, but writes on a variety of hearing issues from his 34 years experience with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. He has hearing in one ear and sight in one eye, which makes for interesting sensory challenges from time to time. 
He hopes he will be of help, hope and inspiration to those of whom he affectionately calls the “hearing lost.”

from Stu Nunnery, February 9, 2017
On a Throwback Thursday on this date two years ago, I mentioned that I was working with Dr. Brian Fligor, an audiologist in Boston who was assisting musicians with hearing loss. Dr. Fligor was fitting me with customized ear monitors from Sensaphonics in Chicago that I hoped to use in the studio and on stage in live performances.
Today, I‘ll go that one better. 
I am very happy and pleased to announce that I am relaunching my musical recording activities immediately.
On February 22nd and 23rd I will be working at Park West Studios in Brooklyn, NY with my collaborator and arranger Ken Hatfield, engineer Jim Clouse, and outstanding NY studio cats. 
We will be recording two of my original songs with plans for more ASAP. 
February 23rd is the day I will be doing my vocals. It also happens to be my birthday. I like the symmetry…
Please share the news and keep me in your thoughts. 
Let’s rock. Then let’s talk about what’s next.